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Medi-Cal Asset Limit Changes Apply to People in Long Term Care!

In 2022 the Medi-Cal asset limit for older adults and people with disabilities increased, and in January 2024 there will no longer be a limit on assets for anyone on any Medi-Cal program. This includes people in the Long Term Care Medi-Cal program, who reside in skilled nursing facilities.

Alarmingly, CANHR is hearing from people seeking Medi-Cal services that both County eligibility workers and nursing home staff are incorrectly stating that 2024 asset elimination does not apply to people in nursing homes. This is leading to people spending down their hard earned savings unnecessarily. In July, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) sent out a Long Term Care provider bulletin to facilities about asset limit changes. In the bulletin DCHS also shared the updated Notice Regarding Standards for Medi-Cal Eligibility (DHCS 7077) form, which explains eligibility provisions for persons in Long Term Care Medi-Cal. To read more about changes to the asset limit, visit CANHR’s Asset Limit Changes Fact Sheet.