4 – Medi-Cal/Estate Planning Fact Sheets (English)

Updated Friday, August 11th, 2023

  1. Overview of Medi–Cal for Long Term Care (pdf)
  2. California’s Medi-Cal Recovery Program – Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)
  3. Medi-Cal Resource Limits (pdf)
  4. Your Home & Medi-Cal (pdf)
  5. IRAs, Pensions & Annuities Under Medi-Cal (pdfFor complaints about insurance agents, brokers, or attorneys who are involved with the sale of annuities, visit the California Department of Insurance.
  6. How to Value Real Property (pdf)
  7. Aged & Disabled, Medically Needy, and Working Disabled Medi-Cal Programs (pdf)
  8. Treatment of Reverse Mortgage/Home Equity Payments Under the Medi-Cal Program (pdf)
  9. Treatment of Funds Received from the Hycare, Inc., et al. Settlement (pdf)
  10. Transferring Your Home with a Transfer on Death Deed (TOD) – What You Need to Know (pdf)
  11. Using California’s Spousal Impoverishment Rule for Home and Community Based Services (pdf)
  12. Medi-Cal Discrimination In Nursing Homes – Getting In Is Half the Battle
  13. California Medi-Cal Asset Limit Increasing for Seniors and People with Disabilities (pdf)