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My mother, who is on Medi-Cal, owns a mobile home. Is there any way to prevent Medi-Cal recovery?

Dear Advocate:

My mother owns a mobile home and is on Medi-Cal. The mobile home park is a senior only community, which requires that the owner of the mobile home must be aged 55 or older. I bought the mobile home for her outright but must keep her name on title in order to meet the park’s requirements. Is there anything I can do in this situation to prevent Medi-Cal recovery?

Overwhelmed in Oroville

Dear Overwhelmed,

To prevent Medi-Cal recovery, the title of the mobile home cannot be in your mother’s name at the time of her death. It can be registered to her, if that satisfies the mobile home park’s requirements, but if her name remains on title, it is recoverable. In order to transfer the title, contact your local Department of Housing & Community Development. As an alternative to transferring the title yourself, contact an escrow company to help you transfer the title. If your mother does pass away with her name still on title, you can apply for a hardship waiver once you receive the recovery claim if you feel you meet the hardship criteria. For example, if you can prove: a) you paid for the mobile home outright and with your own funds, and b) your mother owned the home without paying any consideration.

For more information contact: The Department of Housing and Community Development Registration and Titling (916) 323-9224 or toll free (800) 952-8356 or go online to: