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New York Times Reports Nursing Homes Putting Profit Above Care of Elders

A September 23, 2007 article by the New York Times reveals how major for–profit nursing home corporations are dividing themselves into many separate corporations in order to avoid being held accountable for neglect and how private equity firms are buying up large portions of the nursing home industry because of the enormous profits to be made from the care of sick and frail old people.

Click here to read the September 23, 2007 New York Times article:
“More Profit and Less Nursing at Many Homes”
 (PDF, 812kb)

Click on the image below to view a diagram by the New York Times of the layers of ownership.

In response to the Times’ findings, the Center for Medicare Advocacy issued the following press release on September 24, 2007 advocating major reforms to protect nursing home residents from profiteering nursing home operators. CANHR fully supports and endorses all of its recommendations.

Click here to read the Center for Medicare Advocacy’s press release.
(PDF, 44kb)