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New York Times Reports Worst Nursing Home Offenses are Hidden From the Public

Those looking for reason to have faith in government oversight of nursing homes won’t find it in the New York Times December 9, 2021 article on how the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hides severe violations from the public. The article reports CMS omitted over 2,700 dangerous incidents cited by state inspectors on its Care Compare website and did not factor them into its rating system that the public uses to help select nursing homes. Violations such as sexual assaults and exposing residents to COVID-19 are being quashed during a secretive, one-sided appeals process for nursing home operators. The article is the third in a recent series of articles by the New York Times describing serious problems with the CMS rating system for nursing homes. Earlier stories reported that much of the data that powers the system is wrong and that the rating system also obscures how many residents are receiving powerful antipsychotic drugs