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No Heat and Shivering Residents Nets Berkeley Nursing Home a Slap on the Wrist

Kyakameena Care Center, a Berkeley nursing home, lost its heat in December and went at least 45 days without heat through the dead of winter. Temperatures dipped into the low 60s and residents were observed bundled up in coats and blankets to ward off the cold. Federal regulations require nursing home temperatures to stay above 70 degrees. Multiple residents complained of the omnipresent cold inside the building.

According to the low level deficiency issued by the Department of Public Health, Kyakameena tried only two measures to warm the residents. One was using portable space heaters but they tripped the facility circuit breakers and were scrapped. The second measure was passing out blankets temporarily warmed in the facility dryer.

The deficiency did not discuss why it took the facility 45 days to repair its heating system.

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