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No Nursing home May Require the Signature of a Responsible party as a Condition of Admission

Nursing homes often try to get parties other than the resident to assume personal financial responsibility by signing as a “responsible party.” This is illegal.

Do not sign as a “responsible party,” “guarantor,” ”financial agent,” or any other term which personally guarantees payment to the nursing home. If these terms appear in the admission agreement, cross them out and replace them with “agent” (not “financial agent”), or your title if you are a legal representative such as a conservator or an agent under a power of attorney. If possible, get the nursing home to initial such changes.

Agents and legal representatives are only required to use the resident’s funds to pay the facility; they do not assume personal liability.

Read admission agreements carefully! If you have questions about “responsible party” issues, talk to a qualified attorney. CANHR also has a helpful free factsheet about admission agreements; call us at (800) 474-1116 for more information or download the fact sheet from