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Nursing Home Complaints Undermined by CDPH Website Change

What happened? Due to a change in the way CDPH formats its on-line complaint form, people who file complaints against health facilities, including nursing homes, no longer see fields in which they can input their contact information. Therefore, complaints are being received as anonymous.

Why does this change matter? If a complainant does not enter their contact information, the results of the complaint will not be communicated to the complainant. In addition, the investigator assigned to the complaint will not be able to gather any additional information from the complainant. Both of these problems will increase the likelihood that complaints are not fully investigated.

What can I do? If you have filed a complaint in 2020 and have not received a letter officially opening the investigation, re-file your complaint asap.

Can I still file complaints on-line? Yes, just be sure to enter your (the complainant’s) information in the “complainant information (optional)” box on the complaint website – unless of course you wish to remain anonymous. To file a complaint, go to
and enter the facility name. To open the complainant information input fields, click on the arrow in the “complainant information (optional)” box. A picture of the box is below.

When will this problem be corrected? We don’t know. CDPH is aware of the problem and has agreed to update the website to resolve it.