1 – Nursing Home Fact Sheets (English)

Updated Monday, January 29th, 2024

  1. What is a Nursing Home in California (pdf)
  2. How to Choose a Nursing Home (pdf)
  3. Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist (pdf)
  4. Admission Agreement (pdf)
  5. Arbitration Agreements: Don’t Sign Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements (pdf)
  6. Nursing Home Care Standards (pdf)

Residents’ Rights

  1. Transfer and Discharge Rights (pdf)
  2. Outline of Nursing Home Residents’ Rights (pdf)
  3. Residents’ Rights (pdf)
  4. Theft and Loss (pdf)
  5. Access to Medical Records in California Nursing Homes (pdf)
  6. Restraint Free Care (pdf)
  7. Challenging Hospital Discharge Decisions (pdf)
  8. Nursing Home Eviction Questions and Answers (pdf)
  9. Questions and Answers Regarding Informed Consent (pdf)
  10. Your Right to Leave (pdf)

How to Advocate for Care

  1. Making Care Plans Work (pdf)
  2. A Guide for Preventing Abuse in Long Term Care Facilities (pdf)
  3. Family Councils (pdf)
  4. How to File a Complaint (pdf)
  5. Visitation Rights Guide (pdf)