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Nursing Home Family Councils

One of the best ways to improve nursing home care is to organize and participate in a family council. A family council is an organized group of relatives and friends of residents who meet regularly to discuss and address concerns about the nursing home.

California law gives family councils strong rights. A nursing home must support a family council by:

  • Allowing the council to meet in a common room at least once a month;
  • Designating a staff person to provide assistance;
  • Responding to written requests or concerns of the family council within 10 days;
  • Providing adequate space to post notices, minutes, newsletters or other information pertaining to the operation or interest of the council;
  • Including notices of family council meetings in quarterly mailings;
  • Informing family members of new residents about the council.

For more information about family councils, contact CANHR or review the materials posted on our web site,