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Nursing Home Industry and Legislature Team Up to Defeat AB 927 (McCarty)

AB 927 – The Nursing Home Ownership Disclosure Act of 2016 – died after its author, Assembly Member McCarty, pulled it on January 12, 2016 just prior to a scheduled hearing before the Assembly Health Committee. The bill, which was co-sponsored by CANHR and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, would have barred chain nursing home operators from acquiring more nursing homes under certain circumstances and made other reforms. The bill was, of course, opposed by all of the nursing home industry providers.  In the days before the scheduled hearing, Assembly Member Rob Bonta, the Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, insisted on amendments that would have gutted AB 927’s most critical provision. CANHR opposed the extraordinarily harmful amendments and, along with other supporters, urged the Health Committee to reject them. The bill was never heard and its greatly needed reforms are dead for now due to the nursing home industry’s strong grip on the Capitol.