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Reassessing the recipient’s need for IHSS In-home support services

Dear Advocate:

Last year my mom was found eligible for 56 hours under the In-Home Supportive Services program, which provides care for seniors who need extra help in order to stay out of a nursing home. To help her live at home, I have been working as her IHSS caregiver, mostly helping her with cooking and cleaning. Over the past year, my mom’s needs have increased; she now needs supervision with bathing and dressing because her balance is not good and she’s almost fallen a few times. Is it possible for her to get an increase in IHSS hours so she can continue to live at home?
Inquisitive in Inglewood

Dear Inquisitive in Inglewood,

According to the IHSS Manual of Policies and Procedures MPP§30-761.219(a)(b), the county shall reassess the recipient’s need for services:

(a) Any time the recipient notifies the county of a need to adjust the service hours authorized due to a change in circumstances.
(b) When there is other pertinent information, which indicates a change in circumstances affecting the recipient’s need for supportive services.

Under IHSS rules, the recipient, their service provider, a family member, or other agency (such as a health insurance plan), may request this reassessment. The best way to inform the county is to document the change in your mother’s needs and the areas of care in which she now needs assistance. You may also want to ask her physician, if they are aware, to document your mother’s balance problems. For more information about IHSS including how to assess hours, visit