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Salinas RCFE Served with Suspension Order

Colonial Manor, a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) in Salinas, California, has been served with a temporary suspension order by the Department of Social Services – the first move in terminating the facility’s license. Licensed as an RCFE since 2012, the licensee of the 42-bed facility is listed as MP Acquisitions, LLC, a limited liability company incorporated in Nevada with Angel Marzan, of Yonkers, New York listed as “manager.”

Colonial Manor has had an extensive inspection history and received more than 190 citations since the MP Acquisitions and Mr. Marzan took over in 2012.  Chronic food shortages, bed bug infestations, flies, mold, broken furniture, urine stained carpets, overflowing toilets, dirty clothes laying in piles, missing medications, missing client funds, inadequate staffing and inadequate supervision – these are only a few of the 224 pages of investigation findings by CCL over the past 3.5 years.

Despite the fact that RCFEs are not permitted to have more than 25% of residents who are under the age of 60 years of age and despite the fact that an RCFE is inappropriate for those whose primary diagnosis is mental illness, over 25% of Colonial Manor’s residents are under the age of 60 and many are in need of mental health services – not a bed-bug and mold infested house of horror.

As recently as June 2015, Koloniall Manor Assistance Inc. filed Articles of Incorporation in the State of California, according to public records filed with California Secretary of State, and Angel Marzan is listed as President.  Yep – it’s spelled “Koloniall” – not to be confused with “Colonial.”

Should AB 601 (Eggman), currently pending in Senate Appropriations, be signed into law, it is unlikely that Mr. Marzan will be granted another license to operate an RCFE in California – regardless of how he spells the name. 

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