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Several CANHR Sponsored Bills Sent to Governor. Support Needed! (October 6, 2009)

The Legislature recently passed the five CANHR sponsored bills described below and sent them to the Governor, who has until October 11 to sign or veto the bills. You can help by writing brief letters to the Governor asking him to sign these bills. Each letter should address just one bill. Mail or fax your letters to the Governor at:

By Mail:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

By Fax

Please also fax CANHR a copy of your letters at 415-777-2904. Your support is greatly appreciated.

SB 303 (Alquist): Nursing Homes/Informed Consent for Psychoactive Drugs – This bill would help fight the excessive drugging of nursing home residents by ensuring that residents and their representatives are better warned about the substantial risks of psychoactive drugs. SB 303 would prohibit use of mind-altering drugs without informed consent, require that residents and their representatives be informed in writing about pertinent FDA warnings, and require the Department of Public Health to evaluate compliance during licensing inspections.

Click here for CANHR’s letter to the Governor on SB 303.

SB 781 (Leno): The RCFE Eviction Protection Act – This bill will add requirements to eviction notices that will require the facility to inform residents of their rights when faced with an eviction and will require the facility to provide a list of resources available to identify alternative housing and care options. Co-sponsors:  Bet Tzedek Legal Services and Disability Rights California.

Click here for CANHR’s letter to the Governor on SB 781.

AB 329 (Feuer): The Reverse Mortgage Elder Protection Act of 2009 – This bill would prohibit any person who participates in the origination of the mortgage from referring the borrower to anyone for the purchase of other financial products.\ The bill would require the lender to provide the prospective borrower with a list of not fewer than 10 nonprofit counseling and would require the borrower receive a suitability checklist specifying issues the borrower should discuss with a counselor before the loan application is approved.

AB 407 (Beall): CCRC Closure Protections – This bill would impose requirements on a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) provider faced with a permanent closure to ensure residents have adequate time to find new housing and to ensure that residents receive adequate compensation should they be required to move. Co-sponsor:  California Continuing Care Residents Association (CALCRA).

Click here for CANHR’s letter to the Governor on AB 407.

AB 1169 (Ruskin):  CCRCs – Co-sponsored with CALCRA, this bill would increase transparency in financial reporting and establish limits on the transfer of CCRC funds.

Click here for CANHR’s letter to the Governor on AB 1169.