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Updated Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

CANHR’s Justice & Advocacy Media Campaign

CANHR is continuing a statewide media campaign to highlight the problems with Medi-Cal recovery, nursing home quality of care and the enforcement system and the many problems in Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly in California.  CANHR continues to reach out to media to tell real stories of abuse and neglect in long term care facilities and real stories of Medi-Cal recipients whose family members have suffered because of the punitive recovery system.

In the case of the media, it is always helpful if they can contact real consumers in their geographical area and use their stories. 

The form below authorizes CANHR to release your name and contact information to interested media regarding the issues you indicate. No information will be provided to anyone unless a reporter is interested in doing a story on a specific subject.

Media Release Form

Mail-In Form
If you would prefer to use the mail-in form,
click here to download and mail it to:
CANHR Media Campaign
1803 6th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

or email to:

(Note: If you have a litigation matter pending, absolutely be sure to consult with your attorney before speaking with the press.)
Please check all that apply below:

4. Location of Skilled Nursing Facility/Residential Care Facility:

I authorize California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform to release my name and phone number and/or email address to interested members of the media regarding the issues I have indicated above.