Solorzano Nursing Home Dumps Four Residents Into a No Care Home

February, 2020

Hyde Park Healthcare Center, a nursing home in Los Angeles owned by Crystal Solorzano, was recently found to have dumped four residents, all of whom had extensive care needs, into an unlicensed care facility in April, May, and June of 2019.  The facility staff failed to complete adequate discharge planning for all four residents, including failure to assess whether the residents’ needs could be met in the unlicensed home.  The facility failed to get input from the residents’ physicians and failed to properly notify the residents of their evictions.  One resident, with tuberculosis (TB), was sent to the unlicensed home with the wrong medications and failed to receive his TB medication for 18 days after his eviction.  Another dumped resident had diabetes and a third had end stage renal disease, raising concerns about their ability to get needed insulin and dialysis, respectively.  At the time of the investigation, the whereabouts of two residents were unknown. The owner of the unlicensed home stated “she rents rooms out in her homes to cover the mortgage payments and that the [facility] was aware [that no care was provided].  The facility’s social services designee was fired and the facility was cited and issued a $20,000 state fine along with a hefty federal civil monetary penalty and Medicare payment denial for failing to perform safe discharge planning for the residents.

You can read the full text of the citation via this PDF:


You can also read the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services letter to the facility via the following PDF:


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