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State Monitor Slams Pacifica’s CCRCs’ Operations

A monitor appointed by the state Attorney General (A.G.) has issued a scathing report about life at two Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) that were taken over by Pacifica Companies, a prominent owner of California nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  The takeover required A.G. approval as the facilities were switching from non-profit ownership to for-profit.  The terms of the approval included the installment of a monitor to ensure Pacifica did not slash services to the residents.  The monitor’s first report lists a dozen significant concerns, all indicative of slashed services, profiteering, and deteriorating quality of life.  He states:

Pacifica has not honored contracts; followed requirements for meetings and financial information; provided supportive services required by contract; secured the facilities from crime; performed required staff trainings; ensured disaster preparedness of staff and residents; kept facilities clean, safe, sanitary, and in good repair; provided a safe, comfortable, and homelike environment; or met requirements for food services. The garbage pileup and plumbing failures at Lake Park were breathtaking to observe. Pacifica’s failure to pay invoices beggars belief and has placed the local Northstar staff in an intolerable position.

While the monitor’s findings are highly critical of Pacifica, they also raise major questions about the A.G.’s vetting of the sale.  When approving the sale, the A.G. claimed its “strong conditions” would ensure residents would “continue to receive the best possible care and quality of life.”  The A.G. waited over a year before hiring a monitor while Pacifica residents suffered various avoidable indignities.  Pacifica’s promises, A.G. oversight, and state regulatory enforcement have meant very little to the residents of these CCRCs.