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State Withdraws Emergency Medi-Cal Recovery RegulationsAgrees to follow APA

Our recent victory regarding the emergency regulations is wonderful and we thank Amitai Schwartz and crew and Greg Wilcox for their incredible efforts. However, it is only a finger in the dam, as the regulations will go forward and all of the confusion as to what the regulations mean remains. We need to fight back by making sure we send in our comments and, if possible, appear at the hearing. See the following Medi-Cal Estate Recovery Information

CANHR v. Schwarzenegger Documents:

  1. CANHR Press Release announcing settlement
  2. CANHR v. Schwarzenegger Settlement Agreement (pdf)
  3. CANHR v. Schwarzenegger Complaint (pdf)
  4. CANHR v. Schwarzenegger Point & Authorities (pdf)

Medi-Cal Recovery Regulations Related Documents:

  1. DHS Official Notice of Settlement Agreement (pdf)
  2. Public Notice of Hearing and Comment Period (pdf)
  3. Proposed Emergency Regulations (R-32-00E) (pdf)
  4. Proposed Hardship Waiver Form (pdf)
  5. CANHR preliminary comments: Major Issues
  6. Wilcox Detailed Analysis of Proposed Regulations (pdf)
  7. CANHR’s Final Comments on Estate Recovery Regulations (pdf)