Stockton Nursing Home Resident Walks Off and Killed by Train

July, 2020

On 8/3/2019, a male resident of Stockton Nursing Center was found dead after being struck by a train one day after he left the facility unsupervised. The facility was formerly known as Golden Living Center – Hy-Pana and had recently been taken over by Eduro Healthcare when the resident was killed. The State’s COVID-19 nursing home website shows Golden Living Center – Hy-Pana has had 48 residents infected with COVID-19 and 14 residents die as of July 13, 2020.

The resident killed by a train had dementia, a traumatic brain injury and a history of leaving his previous residence unsupervised. He had only been at the facility for one day when he left on 8/2/2019 but had been noted to repeatedly attempt to go outside. The resident was drugged with Neudexta and later Depakote for “aggressive” behavior. The facility’s Director of Nursing stated” he should have had a staff member with him at all times until we got to know him better due to his mental status [confusion] and physical ability [ambulatory].” The door through which the resident left was supposed to be locked with an alarm but surveillance footage showed it was not locked and no alarm went off. The facility was cited for failing to provide the direct supervision the resident needed. This failure resulted in the resident’s death.

You can read the full text of the citation via this PDF:


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