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Supplementing Medi-Cal 

Medi-Cal Upgrading

Dear Advocate,

Will Medi-Cal allow me to supplement its payments to my mother’s nursing home so she can receive services or comfort items Medi-cal does not cover?

Interested in Irwindale

Dear Interested,

Yes, with some limitations. A new California law allows a relative of a skilled nursing facility resident to pay the facility an additional amount for requested non-covered services such as a private room, telephone or television. The additional fee cannot exceed the amount charged to private pay residents. During a period of hospitalization, the law also allows a family member to pay for extra bed hold days, beyond the 7 days Medi-Cal covers. The additional charges cannot exceed the amount Medi-Cal pays for bed hold days.

The ability of a resident’s relative to pay an additional amount for non-covered services cannot be a condition for admission.

The new State law is found at Welfare and Institutions Code Section 14019.7.