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The California Community Transitions (CCT) Project

The California Community Transitions (CCT) Project helps nursing home residents, who are able to live independently, transition back to the community. Nursing home residents who are on Medi-Cal and who have continuously resided in a nursing facility for 60 days can contact their local CCT Lead Organization to begin the process.

The CCT Lead Organization will hire transition coordinators to work directly with individuals, support networks and providers to facilitate and monitor the participant’s transition to the community setting of their choice. The participant receives a comprehensive plan that allows them to live in their own home, apartment or community care facility and receive long term care services, such as In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) or other home and community-based services. CCT covers household set-up costs, home modifications, vehicle adaptations and assistive services to ease the transition for the participant.

Upon transitioning to the community, the transition coordinator will hold a demonstration period of 365 days to address the needs of the participant post-transition. The participant can continue to receive their long term care services if they remain eligible for Medi-Cal after the demonstration period.

For more information, contact your local lead organization: CA Community Transitions Lead Organizations or email