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The Progressive Magazine Features Long Term Care Facility Evictions

A cover story from The Progressive Magazine, entitled “I Want to Go Home,” tells the heartbreaking story of the illegal eviction of Elaine Benz, a 97 year-old assisted living resident in Wisconsin.  Elaine lived at an assisted living facility called The Regency New Berlin for ten years before she was unceremoniously booted in October 2021 following a fall and transfer to a hospital.  While Elaine was in a nursing home rehabilitating from her injury, The Regency refused to allow her to come home, a classic “resident dumping” eviction that is prevalent throughout the country. 

The article traces the extent of illegal evictions and the financial incentives and lack of regulatory enforcement that enable them.  While several media stories have examined the problems of illegal long term care facility evictions, this particular article explains how disorienting and disruptive they can be, not only on the resident, but their entire family as well.  As long as long term care providers are free to disregard the rules protecting residents from inappropriate evictions, they will continue to do so.