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What to do if you inherit property you don’t want when the beneficiary has a Medi-Cal estate recovery claim…

The California Medi–Cal Estate Recovery Program can be difficult to navigate, as many people don’t even know the program exists. Some people are burdened with Estate Claims after the death of a Medi–Cal beneficiary. Some heirs, however, do not wish to keep the interest in the estate they have inherited. In certain situations, selling the property can be more of a hassle than the property is worth. We have some news for those people: If the state has sent you an estate claim, you can relinquish your rights to the property.

According to Margaret Hoffeditz, Chief of the Estate Recovery Section, you should write a statement to the Recovery Representative (the person who sent you the Claim), stating the following:

“I hereby relinquish all rights and interest to the property located at ___(insert full address)____.”

Sign the letter, date it, and reference the case number. They will then contact the County Administrator, who will take over the sale, etc. of the property. Do not pay any more fees on the property. The county will pay any fees due out of the proceeds of the sale. If you have other questions about the Medi–Cal Estate Recovery Program, call our office at (800) 474–1116 or click here.