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Where do Patients Go When a Troubled Nursing Home Closes? Often, Nowhere Better

The above title to a compelling new article in the Sacramento Bee sums up the traumatic situation nursing home residents often find themselves in when a neglectful nursing home closes down. All too often, residents are transferred to equally troubled nursing homes, far from their families, friends and everything they hold dear. The October 23, 2017 article examines what became of the residents of Eagle Crest – a Genesis Healthcare owned nursing home with a long history of neglect – after it closed in September. According to the Bee, nearly half of Eagle Crest’s residents were sent to other Genesis facilities, including several who were sent to a nursing home in Willows with a recent history of severe abuse. Instead of blocking the transfers, the Department of Public Health claimed it is powerless to stop closing nursing homes from exposing residents to further neglect and abuse in this manner.